Lease requirements

The following is an abridged version of the lease contract.

  • Contract Begins: August 15, 2014
  • Contract Ends: June 30,2017
  • Access to the facility will be given on March 3rd.

Mountain View Academy

  • Adhere to the following space usage designations:
    • Exclusive Use
      • All classrooms located in the West Wing of the School
      • Restrooms located in the West Wing of the School
      • Office Area presently occupied by the Superintendent
    • Priority Use
      • Storage Room in the West Wing, with the exception that the District will purchase and locate in the Storage Room a Locked Metal Technology Storage Cabinet.
    • Mutual Use
      • Speech/Office Room located in the North East comer of the West Wing.
      • Gym Access for Rainy Days and for PE for Monday -Thursday from 9:45 – 10:00 am; 11:20 – 11:40 (For bad weather days); 12:30- 1:30 for PE.
      • Playground/Field Use – Unless a schedule for use of a specific portion of the field area is approved by the Superintendent, the use of the field and playground areas is on a first come/first serve basis, unless noted as a restricted use time (e.g. recess and lunch recess times) within this document.
  • Maintain the following school days and times.
    • Monday – Thursday
    • 8:15 am: School Starts
    • 9:45 am – 10:00 am: Morning recess on the playground or the gym on bad weather days
    • 11:00 am – 11:20 am: Lunch in Cafeteria
    • 11:20 am – 11:40 am: Lunch Recess on the playground or the gym on bad weather days
    • 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm: Gym Exclusive Access
    • 1:15 pm – 1:30 pm: Afternoon recess on the playground or the gym on bad weather days
    • To Be Determined: School Ends (end of day must be a minimum of 10 minutes prior or after 3:00 pm)
  • Access the facility at the same level as Lowell School District staff members.
  • Students will enter and exit the building through the front doors.
  • Pay $2,300 rent in advance of the first day of the month. Rent may be paid on November 15th for the first quarter of the 2014/2015 school year (August 15th – November 15th).
  • Use the premises for the purpose of conducting a charter school and activities related thereto.
  • Maintain personal property, premises liability and general and professional liability insurance. Name Lowell School District as additional insured and provide proof to Lowell prior to August 1, 2014.
  • Pay for utilities (heat, water, electricity, garbage, telephone, and building security) based on actual usage calculated by any increase in utilities costs on a monthly basis over the prior year.
  • Be responsible for the internal aesthetics of the c1assroom(s) and office space(s) it occupies, including but not limited to the painting ofthese spaces.
  • Be responsible for any and all of these expenses if the need for repair results from Lessee’s abuse or misuse of the property (e.g., if a student breaks a window or damages a wall).
  • Obtain written approval from Lowell School District before making any alterations or improvements.
  • Can receive mail and put up a sign on the premises.
  • Will no initiate the movement of the Academy or the formation of a new charter school.


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