Charter requirements

The following list is an abridged version of the charter contract. It only contains items that are requirements above and beyond those of the State of Oregon and the federal government.

  • Dates and Numbers
    • Contract
      • Begin: July 1, 2014
      • End: June 30, 2017
    • Fiscal Year
      • Begin: July 1
      • End: June 30
    • Grades: K-8
    • Maximum enrollment
      • 2014-2015: 135 students
      • 2015-2016: 150 students
      • 2016-2017: 165 students

Mountain View Academy

  1. Insurance
    1. Liability Insurance for Directors and Officers in an amount not less than $1,000,000 each loss/ $1,000,000 each policy year covering the public charter school,the governing board, employees and volunteers against liability arising out of wrongful acts and employment practices. Continuous “claims made” coverage will be acceptable, provided the retroactive date is on the effective date of the charter.
    2. Commercial General Liability Insurance in an amount of not less than $1,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence/$3,000,000 general annual aggregate covering the public charter school, the governing board, employees and volunteers against liability for damages because of personal injury, bodily injury, death or damage to property including the loss of use thereof. Coverage to include, but not limited to, contractual liability, advertisers’ liability, employee benefits liability, professional liability and teachers’ liability.
    3. Personal Property Insurance in an amount sufficient to cover the materials, supplies and equipment purchased and owned by Mountain View.
    4. Honesty Bond to cover all employees and volunteers. Limits to be determined by the governing board, but no less than $25,000. Coverage shall include faithful performance and loss of moneys and securities.
    5. Automobile Liability Insurance in an amount not less than $1,000,000 combined single limit covering the public charter school, the governing board, employees and volunteers against liability for damages because of bodily injury, death or damage to property, including the loss of use thereof arising out of the ownership, operation, maintenance or use of any automobile by Mountain View. The policy will include underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage at the limits equal to bodily injury limits.
    6. Workers’ Compensation Insurance shall also be maintained pursuant to Oregon laws (ORS Chapter 656) on all staff who are employed by Mountain View School but not by the District.
    7. Unemployment insurance or self-insurance will be provided by Mountain View for all Mountain View employees. Mountain View will be responsible for all unemployment claims for Mountain View employees.
  2. Provide reports to meet the District’s reporting obligations to the ODE.
  3. Admit in-district applicants before outside of district applicants.
  4. Set school and classroom capacity numbers and post this information annually on our website.
  5. Set enrollment dates.
  6. Submit to the District at least 30 days prior to its lottery a written policy setting forth its lottery and enrollment processes. This policy must include a statement that Mountain View will attempt to enroll students who reflect the same demographic make-up as the District as a whole, and must also include actions that Mountain View will take with regard to advertising and other methods to work toward this goal.
  7. Obtain written approval of the demographic component of this policy by the District each year before conducting its annual lottery.
  8. Conduct a lottery, open to all applicants, if there are more eligible applicants for enrollment than there are spaces available.
  9. Offer the first open spots during our annual enrollment to students enrolled the previous year and siblings of currently enrolled students.
  10. Establish a waiting list, using the lottery process, of students who shall be offered the opportunity to enroll if space becomes available.
  11. Not knowingly permit dual enrollment of students.
  12. Maintain documentation from the lottery process and make it available at the request of the District.
  13. Establish a policy that encourages parent involvement in its programs and submit it to the District for approval.
  14. Include on our application form a question that asks if the student has an Individualized Education Program under IDEA.
  15. Notify the District Special Education Coordinator of any students with an IEP.
  16. Have a representative attend the IEP team meeting and help determine whether or not Mountain View is the appropriate placement. Mountain View will only be selected if the team determines that the student’s IEP can be implemented in Mountain View’s program, with the resources and services that are available within that program and on that site.
  17. Submit to the district a list of student names, addresses, and grades of all students who have enrolled in the charter (No later than August 1).
  18. Notify its students of their rights and responsibilities via its website.
  19. Use district provided software to maintain enrollment data.
  20. Hold an expulsion hearing if a teacher recommends that a student be expelled.
  21. Limit expulsions time frames to 1 year.
  22. Provide a hearings officer for expulsion proceedings.
  23. Propose and document alternative programs to a student expelled for reasons other than a weapons policy violation.
  24. Deny admission to resident students who are under expulsion for a weapons policy violation.
  25. Deny admission to non-resident students who are under expulsion.
  26. Identify academically low achieving students and provide our educational program to these students in a manner that best serves their needs.
  27. Do not charge tuition.
  28. Inform (immediately) the District Superintendent’s office of any incident regarding child abuse and neglect.
  29. Participate in the District’s Child Nutrition Program if we decide to make lunch or breakfast available to our students.
  30. Require students to fill out Child Nutrition Program forms.
  31. Submit an annual report to the District summarizing its progress towards meeting the goals stated in its charter proposal and set forth in the charter contract.
  32. Attend annual District/Academy planning meeting held in May.
  33. Provide a copy of our final, approved annual budget and monthly cash flow projections for our fiscal year, no later than March 1 immediately preceding such fiscal year. The budget account code structure will conform to the Program Budgetary and Accounting Manual for School Districts approved by the ODE.
  34. Make financial records available to the District.
  35. Attend informal meetings with the District to address issues associated with financial management and accountability.
  36. Transfer all assets purchased with public funds to the district if the contract is revoked or not renewed.
  37. Provide the district with copies of all letters from its auditor.
  38. Notify the District of any changes in its Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation.
  39. Provide a full copy of all Mountain View corporate documents within 30 days of the signing of the contract.
  40. Submit contracts to the District for comprehensive school management or operation services to be performed in substantial part by an entity not a party to this contract to the District for approval.
  41. Include the following provision in our Articles of Incorporation:
    1. upon dissolution, voluntary or otherwise, assets not requiring return or transfer to donors or grantors or required for discharge of existing liabilities and obligations of Mountain View or required to be turned over to the Oregon Department of Education pursuant to ORS 338(6) shall be returned to the District.
  42. Submit an annual report to the district by June 30 containing the following information
    1. Summary data on the progress toward meeting its goals and objectives as set forth in its charter proposal and in this contract.
    2. Policy development issues.
    3. Student attendance and student discipline information.
    4. Demographic data, including ethnic and socioeconomic information (e.g., free and reduced lunch data).
    5. Any other information the District deems necessary to demonstrate that Mountain View is in compliance with state and federal law and the terms of this contract.
  43. Do not disseminate any communications that represents the District in a negative light.
  44. Train our teachers in our educational program.
  45. Provide by August 25th a list of all employees with job position, social security number, criminal background initiation date. For any individual hired in an instructional position after the start of the current academic year Mountain View will provide this information no later than 30 days after date of hire.
  46. Secure directors and officers liability insurance, commercial general liability, and personal property insurance by August 1, 2014.
  47. Coordinate all risk management activities through the District’s business manager.
  48. Comply with all Lowell School District policies and administrative rules. A waiver for any District policy may be submitted as long as it doesn’t relate to academic standards.

Lowell School District

  1. Provide a report in January of each year detailing Federal Title I, II, and III funds that were generated by Academy students.
  2. Provide a monthly statement of charges made for contracted services.
  3. Make funds available on the following dates:
    1. August 15 – 16.67%
    2. October 15 – 8.33%
    3. November 15 – 8.33%
    4. December 15 – 8.33%
    5. January 15 – 8.33%
    6. February 15 – 8.33%
    7. March 15 – 8.33%
    8. April 15 – 8.33%
    9. May 15 – Balance
  4. Revoke the charter and terminate this contact on the grounds listed in the contract.
  5. Conduct the winding up of the business and affairs of Mountain View upon dissolution.
  6. Share its substitute list with Mountain View.
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