Teacher Job Description

Job Title: Teacher

Reports To: Administrator

Supervises: NA

Role: Manages the day-to-day activities of a classroom.


  • TSPC teachers license or registration.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education or related field.


  • Resume.
  • Copy of TSPC license or registration.
  • Copy of college degree.

Employment Terms:

  • Work year of 38 weeks, starting 1 week prior to the start of the school year and ending 1 week after the end of the school year.
  • Work day consisting of 7:45 am – 3:45 pm Monday through Thursday.
  • 5 annual sick/vacation days.
  • Annual compensation of $34,000. This compensation is based on enrollment numbers. If enrollment numbers decrease the board of directors reserves the right to decrease compensation.
  • Employment is at will and can be terminated by the board of directors for any reason.


  1. All information pertaining to student academic progress, disciplinary issues, and other information pertaining to individual students is confidential and should only be shared with parents, teachers, the administrator, and board members. An attempt should be made to keep these conversations discreet and to not have them take place in environments where others may over hear what is being discussed
  2. Involve your students’ parents in the classroom.
  3. Attend the following meetings:
    1. Weekly 1:1 with administrator.
    2. Quarterly reviews with administrator.
    3. Monthly staff meetings.
    4. First and third quarter parent/teacher conferences.
    5. Marketing/communication training.
  4. Attend the following events:
    1. 1 annual school play.
    2. Fall BBQ
    3. Spring Carnival
    4. 5 Friday field trips
    5. 1 non school event (recital, dance, basketball, soccer, etc.) that your students participate in every other month (5 times throughout the year).
  5. Participate in the annual staff questionnaire survey.
  6. Handle classroom behavior and disciplinary issues. Escalate to administrator if needed.
  7. Participate in the curriculum and student journey planning sessions.
  8. Create career and yearly development goals.
  9. Track student academic progress and send out quarterly report cards.
  10. Create a plan to incorporate technology in your classroom.
  11. Participate in our parent communication/marketing plan by performing the following items:
    1. 1 blog post per week.
    2. 1 Youtube video per week.
    3. 2 Facebook posts per week.
    4. 2 Instagram photos per week.
    5. Maintain a linkedin account.
    6. Pin an item your class creates 3 times a year.
  12. Arrange for a substitute during vacation/sick days.
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