The following list defines the tasks that need to be performed before the first day of school (September 2nd 2014). Kelly has volunteered to do the items that end with (Kelly).

Purchase the following items

  1. Cleaning Supplies – Laurie
  2. Classroom Supplies – Laurie
  3. Curriculum – Laurie
  4. School Insurance – Jake
  5. Office Supplies – Laurie
  6. Phone – Jake


  1. Check to make sure info about enrollment decisions and open houses is on the web site. – Jake
  2. Increase enrollment to 102 – Everyone
  3. Create Facebook page Kelly
  4. Send out mass mailer – Jake, Laurie, Julie
  5. Convert web site to marketing focused – Jake
  6. Post school and classroom capacity numbers on the website. – Jake
  7. Send out enrollment update email to employees every 2 weeks. – Kelly


  1. Make healthcare decision – Julie, Jake, Beau
  2. Make library usage decision – Julie, Jake, Beau – COMPLETED
  3. Create and submit to the district lottery and enrollment processes policy – Jake
  4. Create and submit to the district parent involvement policy – Julie
  5. Decide if we want to provide lunch for our students – Julie, Jake, Beau – COMPLETED
  6. Submit insurance info to the district by 8/1. – Jake
  7. Submit Laurie’s administrator registration to the TSPC. – Jake
  8. Move Jill and Kirsten from ACE registered to MVA. – Laurie
  9. Get up to speed on kindergarten assessment required by the ODE. – Kirsten
  10. Start the process of finding a municipal audit firm. – contracting out to district – COMPLETED


  1. Get donation from FCA – Kelly
  2. Contract out cleaning services – Julie
  3. Setup QuickBooks – contracting out to district – COMPLETED
  4. Setup payroll – contracting out to district – COMPLETED
  5. Setup PERS payments – contracting out to district – COMPLETED
  6. Add state finance codes to the budget – contracting out to district – COMPLETED
  7. Determine state reporting requirements – contracting out to district – COMPLETED
  8. Determine exactly how we get paid from Lowell – contracting out to district – COMPLETED


  1. Hire an aide (dependent on funding). – next board meeting
  2. Coordinate move in – Laurie
  3. Perform curriculum planning session – Laurie


  1. By August 1 provide to the District a list of student names, addresses, and grades of all students who have enrolled in the charter. – Kelly
  2. Notify its students of the student rights and responsibilities via its student handbook, its website, or another form of written documentation.- Kelly
  3. Create student info form that contain emergency contact, hospital/insurance info, allergies…….- Kelly
  4. Setup boxtop account- Kelly
  5. Create “your student visited the secretary for health/illness reasons” form- Kelly
  6. Create school calendar – Kelly
  7. Submit a list of employees to the district that contains the following info by 8/25: name, position, SSN, and TSPC license- Kelly
  8. Obtain school credit card. – Jake
  9. Standardize on spreadsheet and doc applications. Jake – COMPLETED
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