RONR Guidelines

The following information outlines the process for board meetings.


  • Motion: a proposal by a member (in a meeting) that the group take certain action. A motion should start with “I move that…”
  • Resolution: a motion that begins with “Resolved by Mountain View Academy, That…”. They are used in place of a motion when greater formality is desired or the motion is important or complex.
  • Agenda: Topics to be considered during a board meeting
  • Minutes: Record of what was done at a meeting. They are not a record of what was said.


  1. Chair calls the meeting to order by stating “The meeting will come to order”.
  2. Adoption of Agenda
  3. Approval of Minutes
  4. Discuss and make motions on agenda items
  5. Adjourn, chair states – “Is there any further business?… Since there is no further business, the meeting is adjourned.”

How decisions are made

  • voting on a motion
  1. A motion is made during a board meeting.
  2. The motion is discussed by raising your hand and gaining the floor.
  3. The question on the motion is stated by the chair and put to a vote, using a show of hands.
  4. The result of the vote is announced and recorded by the secretary.
  • unanimous consent
  1. the chair asks if there are any objections to taking the desired action, and if no member objects, the chair declares that the action has been agreed to. It is then recorded by the secretary.

How decisions are documented

  • Resolutions
    • A new post is created in the Policies blog.
    • Begins with “Resolved by Mountain View Academy, That…”
    • The word Resolved is underlined, followed by a comma and the word “That” – which begins with a capital “T”. If there is more than one resolving clause, each of them should be a separate numbered list beginning with the word “That”. The first item in the numbered list should not be numbered.
    • Each resolving list item ends with a period and should not contain a period within it’s structure.
  • Motions
    • Added to the minutes of a board meeting directly underneath the corresponding agenda item.
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