Paint request

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From Laurie: I am writing this in email form to see if I can get a quick approval from the board to purchase additional grey and white paint for the West Wing.  We need approximately 5 gallons more of grey and one gallon of ceiling white.  We want to paint all of the interior classroom doors grey as well as the trim around the doors.  The two small rooms where the walls were removed need to have the ceilings painted white.  I think 1 gallon would be enough for this project.  The carpet is coming in this next week and we would like to get this...

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Advertising in the RG

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An insert will be placed in the Saturday RG, reaching 9,000 subscribers in the Cottage Grove, Creswell, Pleasant Hill, Dexter, Fall Creek, Lowell and Oakridge areas.  The cost for this to happen is $369.00, approximately $100.00 for paper, and $100.00 to print.  This figure is substantially smaller than the previously approved mailers and hits more homes.

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Jake Plahn 7-29-2014

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I would like to purchase some stock photography for our flier. iStockPhoto images: $99.99

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Jake Plahn 7-11-2014

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I would like to send out a mailer to 5260 households/po boxes. Here is the cost breakdown. USPS Every Door Mailer costs: $920.48 Kinkos printing costs: $942.01 (cost is more than the attached quote because the quote is for 5,000) iStockPhoto images: $99.99 Total: $1,962.48 We don’t currently have a line item in our budget for marketing, but I would like to proceed with this in order to increase our enrollment to 102...

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Laurie Cardwell 6-24-2014

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I would like to purchase math. science, & social studies curriculum to fill in for the textbooks donated for 102 students. I will keep it within the consumable textbooks and textbooks budget for the 2014-15 school year. We will need additional textbooks for other subjects. This will be taken into account when purchasing these books.

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