Budget Process

The following process outlines the steps we use when creating our budget.

  1. Review the Vision and Mission Statement
  2. List out the services and resources we want to provide based on our vision and mission statement.
  3. Determine the number of students we want to provide our services to.
  4. Calculate the number of teachers needed. This calculation is the number of students divided by the maximum students per class.
  5. List out all of the expenses incurred by providing our services and resources.
  6. List out the income sources.
  7. Review the budget.
  8. If there is a deficit
    1. Raise money to remove the deficit by asking residents and businesses in our community for donations.
    2. If the money cannot be raised then one of the following options needs to be chosen:
      1. Make changes to the services and resources that don’t violate our vision and mission.
      2. Make changes to the services and resources that violate our vision and mission.
      3. Decide that we can’t offer our services and investigate alternatives ** for our students.
  9. If the budget is balanced and everyone agrees that it’s financially sound, it is finalized and approved.
  10. The final step is to compare our services and resources with 2 other local options. If the alternatives are providing services and resources that are better than ours then we will recommend that our students enroll in their programs. This school is not in operation for the benefit of our employees or landlord. It is in operation because it is the best option for educating the children in our community.

** There are a number of viable alternatives  for educating the children in our community that do not involve operating a charter school. Some examples are homeschooling and private alternative schools.

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