nonprofit status

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We’ve received our nonprofit determination letter from the IRS. irs nonprofit determination letter

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Student Hours

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I’ve been working on a student hours spreadsheet to ensure we are in compliance with state requirements. The information from Jessica and Laurie’s calendars were incorporated into the spreadsheet. The state requirements are defined in OAR 581-022-1620. The spreadsheet can be found here. I had to cut the Christmas break from 3 weeks to 2 weeks and add 10 – 4:35 instructional activity sessions for the 4th – 8th...

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Teacher Interviews

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We interviewed 5 teachers over the last week for positions at Mountain View. During these interviews we discussed the budget, teacher job description, and administrator job description. Here are the highlights of the feedback we received: Cut the time on the 4 hours shadow. I changed this to “Perform multiple unscheduled blind shadows of each teacher throughout the month for a total of 2 hours.” This equates to having 1.7% of your total class time shadowed. Add time (16 hours) for conferences and add time for field trips. I...

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Budget Standards

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I need to ensure that our budget meets the standards set forth by the State. One of them is: Complies with the requirements of the uniform budget and accounting system adopted by rule of the State Board of Education under ORS 327.511. This ORS states: 327.511 Uniform budget and accounting system. (1) The State Board of Education shall adopt by rule a uniform budget and accounting system for school districts and education service districts. (2) The uniform budget and accounting system shall include uniform definitions for a chart of accounts...

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Insurance and Business Services

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I’ve documented our insurance requirements on the charter requirements page and emailed the info to David Lees our insurance guy. His initial quote he gave me at the beginning of the year was $2,ooo annually. I’ve also added payroll, checks, and tax forms to our budget. The first quotes/info I got were for the following: QuickBooks payroll $87/month Costco checks 500 checks for $50. I’m confident that 500 will last us a year. Greatland tax forms W-2 and 1099: $55/year I’ve added this info to our...

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School Institution Number and Budget

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I have sent in our School Institution Number application to Joy Blackwell at the ODE. The application and supplemental documents that were sent in are: Application Conflict of Interest Procurement Policy Charter Contract EIN Document Institution Request Form Boundary Calculator The budget has also been updated. I’ve been working with Ranell Curl (ACE Charter School) to ensure that it contains all of the necessary revenue and expenses for next year. The updated budget is located at the top of the Documents...

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School Institution Number Appendix B

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The following are our answers to Appendix B of the School Institution Number Application. Physical Location: Is the entity physically located within the existing school district boundary?  If no, explain the circumstances. Yes Is the entity located within the same physical facility occupied by other schools or programs within the district boundary?  If yes, explain the situation. Yes, Our school will be located in the west wing of Lundy Elementary. Enrollment Process: Can any student within the district enroll in the entity by personal choice...

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SIN # application

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I’ve completed the School Institution Number application and the corresponding Boundary Calculator. The only remaining item to complete is to determine if we can be our own fiscal agent. I’ve emailed my contacts at the ODE and Ranell to find out what the eligibility requirements are.

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DUNS No. and policy approvals

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We’ve received our DUNS number. It is 079347005. This will allow us to proceed with applying for a school institution number. The Procurement and  Policy Adoption policies have been approved by the...

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School Institution Number Application

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After reading the How to Obtain a New ODE Institution ID for Charter Schools Powerpoint I realized that we do need to apply for a DUNS # before we apply for a school institution number. We don’t need a TPIN#. I’ve registered for our DUNS # at I should receive it tomorrow. I’ve uploaded our confirmation receipt. Now I need to work on our procurement policy. The draft for our procurement policy has been posted for approval. I also realized that our policy for policy adoption wasn’t posted to the...

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