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March 15, 2022 Board Meeting

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Mountain View Academy

45 S. Moss ◊ Lowell, Oregon 97452 ◊ (541)735-1709

Board of Director’s Meeting

March 15th, 2022

6:00pm – Executive Session

7:00pm – Public Session

Members of the public may listen to the meeting live by using the following ZOOM meeting information: Meeting ID: 967 1867 1133
Passcode: 031522

The public may submit written comments by email to Clearly label the subject line as: “Public Comment: March Board meeting”. The deadline to receive public comment for the Board to review, prior to the board meeting, is noon on March 15th, 2022. The Mountain View Academy Board is committed to the public comment process and considers all comments from our community as valuable feedback.

The Mountain View Academy School Board encourages public input.  Persons wishing to address the Board on school related issues, are invited to do so, either when the item is presented on the agenda, or under the “Public Comments” section.  In the interest of time and order, presentations from the public are limited to three (3) minutes per person, and the total time for individual agenda items shall not exceed (21) minutes.  An individual speaker’s allotted time may not be increased by a donation of time from members of the public in attendance.  If you wish to speak under Public Comments, please complete a Public Comment Form and turn it in to Rita Fischer.  The Board requests complaints or charges against an employee be held in Executive Session.  Individuals who require disability-related accommodations or modifications to participate in the Board meeting should contact the Administrator in writing prior to the meeting.


1.0 EXECUTIVE SESSION – Called to order at 6:03pm

1.1 Pursuant to ORS 192.660(2)(i) To review and evaluate the employment-related performance of the chief executive officer of any public body, a public officer, employee or staff member who does not request an open hearing.

1.2 Pursuant to ORS 192.660(2)(f) To consider information or records that are exempt by law from public inspection.

Executive session adjourned at 6:54pm


            2.1 Public Session Call to Order: 7:01pm public session called to order

            2.2 Attendance: 

Julie Valencia, Board President

Beau Garner, Board Vice President 

Rita Fisher, Board Member 

Stacey Kelso, Board Member (absent)

Stephanie Johnson, Board Member

Jessica Cardwell, Director

Laurie Cardwell, Director

2.2.1 Guests: no guests virtually or in person

2.3 Approval of Agenda: Agenda approved as written.

            2.4 Approval of Minutes: February minutes approved as written

            2.5 Schedule Next Meeting: April 26, 2022, executive session at 6:30pm. Public session    at 7pm.

2.6 Budget: State school funding increase has not been added to our budget as of 2-28-22. The new rate will add approximately $35,000 to our 2021-22 budget.

– New, staff computers have been purchased.

– SIA grant money update, and ESSER III grant money update.

2.7 Financial Report: The board has received and reviewed their financial packets.

3.0 PUBLIC COMMENT Opportunity for Citizens to address items not on the agenda. Persons wishing to address the Board on any school related issue not listed elsewhere on the agenda are invited to do so now.  Audience time is not intended as a forum for public debate. Questions raised may require further investigation. Normally, the board will wait until its next meeting before responding to concerns raised. 


4.1 Charter Renewal Update – Four topics that need addressed

• Handbook will be updated by Jessica this summer. It has not been updated since before the pandemic.

• IEP 504 wording on the student application needs addressed.  We are in compliance with what our charter contract asks us to have on our application. Once we renew the charter contract, we will work with the district to make any changes necessary.

• Preferences – once again, we are following our contract but depending on what the ODE says, we may need to adjust the lottery preferences in our next contract.

•Pre-Kinder admittance into kindergarten.  To remedy the situation that has occurred, Jessica is requesting a student specific MOU with the Lowell School District to raise the cap in Kinder to 18 – to present at the Lowell School District board meeting on March 28, 2022.

Beau Garner motions to approve the MOU between Mountain View Academy and the Lowell School District raising the 2022 – 2023 cap to 18 for one specific cohort. Rita Fischer seconds the motion.  Hearing no further discussion, the motion has unanimously passed.

4.2 Approve staff contracts for 2022 – 2023 – Not all staff contracts have been signed. Jessica requests that this topic be moved to the April board meeting.


5.1 Board Chair report – Julie shared that Stephanie Johnson is up for renewal in June of 2022. She also provided the board with their 2021, Accuity audit packets and discussed the OSBA board conference in July to see if that was being offered in-person in July.  

5.2 Administrator’s Report – staff update, COVID protocol update, field trips, Ford Family Foundation grant, and state testing trainings.

5.3 Board Comments – Rita asked what the next step is with the Charter Renewal. Jessica explained that at the next district board meeting, on March 28th, Kristin Miles will present her recommendation. The Lowell School Board will be voting to renew the charter. From there, the district and MVA have 90 days to finalize a contract – if a contract cannot be completed by then – the previous contract will stay in place. At this time, we have not heard from Kristen Miles regarding what MVA will need to do at the March 28th board meeting.  


Public Session Call to Close: 7:45pm

Any documents that are public records and are provided attachments to public session items on this agenda are accessible to the public on the school’s website, with the exception of documents provided at the time of the meeting.  Documents that are public records and are provided at the time of the meeting to a majority of the Board regarding a public session item, will be made available for public inspection upon request to the Administrator’s Assistant.

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