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January 18, 2022 Board Meeting

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Mountain View Academy

45 S. Moss ◊ Lowell, Oregon 97452 ◊ (541)735-1709

Board of Director’s Meeting

7:00pm – Executive Session

7:20 pm – Public Session

Members of the public may listen to the meeting live by using the following ZOOM link: and passcode 011822. The public may submit written comments by email to Clearly label the subject line as: “Public Comment: January Board meeting”. The deadline to receive public comment for the Board to review, prior to the board meeting, is noon on January 18th, 2022. The Mountain View Academy Board is committed to the public comment process and considers all comments from our community as valuable feedback.

The Mountain View Academy School Board encourages public input.  Persons wishing to address the Board on school related issues, are invited to do so, either when the item is presented on the agenda, or under the “Public Comments” section.  In the interest of time and order, presentations from the public are limited to three (3) minutes per person, and the total time for individual agenda items shall not exceed (21) minutes.  An individual speaker’s allotted time may not be increased by a donation of time from members of the public in attendance.  If you wish to speak under Public Comments, please complete a Public Comment Form and turn it in to the Rita Fischer.  The Board requests complaints or charges against an employee be held in Executive Session.  Individuals who require disability-related accommodations or modifications to participate in the Board meeting should contact the Administrator in writing prior to the meeting.



            1.1 Pursuant to ORS 192.660(2)(i) Director review discussion

            1.2 Pursuant to ORS 192.660(2)(f) Classified Staff


            2.1 Public Session Call to Order: 

            2.2 Attendance: 

Julie Valencia, Board President

Beau Garner, Board Vice President 

Rita Fisher, Board Member 

Stacey Kelso, Board Member via Zoom

Stephanie Johnson, Board Member

Jessica Cardwell, Director

Laurie Cardwell, Director

2.2.1 Guests: none

2.3 Approval of Agenda: Adding Executive session to the beginning of the agenda. 

             2.4 Approval of Minutes: Minutes approved as written. 

             2.5 Schedule Next Meeting: Next meeting scheduled for February 22, 2022 with an executive session at 6:00pm. 

2.6 Budget: Current numbers don’t reflect Grant reimbursements. Jessica will be working with Maureen on reimbursements later this month. Beau asked if there was a way to disseminate between expenses that will be reimbursed with grant money vs bottom line spending in the future?

2.7 Financial Report: The Board has received and reviewed their financial statements. 

3.0 PUBLIC COMMENT Opportunity for Citizens to address items not on the agenda. Persons wishing to address the Board on any school related issue not listed elsewhere on the agenda are invited to do so now.  Audience time is not intended as a forum for public debate. Questions raised may require further investigation. Normally, the board will wait until its next meeting before responding to concerns raised. 


4.1 2022 – 2023 budget discussion – Initial proposed budget was discussed. Errors and questions were asked/found.  Items will be addressed and brought back to our February meeting. 

4.2 Approve the calendar for the 2022 – 2023 school year. – The proposed calendar we discussed last month was brought to the Staff for their input.  Jessica made adjustments based on staff input. The current calendar is a reflection of thoughtful planning and input.  Rita makes a motion to approve the 2022-2023 school calendar.  Stephanie seconded the motion. Hearing no further discussion, the motion unanimously passed. 


5.1 Board Chair report – Secret Santa was a success, Director’s review has been sent out to staff and board members. 

5.2 Administrator’s Report :

  • Enrollment update – 142 and 17 PreK students.
  • Advertising – In January we began our advertising campaign for the 2022 – 2023 school year. I have ads in the Bridge, the Oregon Family magazine, and on Facebook. With only two available K – 8 spots and a PreK that typically fills up with siblings, we don’t have much to advertise for.
  • Enrollment for 22 – 23 is coming up – Enrollment opens on February 1st and runs through the 15th. We are sending a family pack of applications home on February 1st, for all our current students.
  • “Tours” begin this month – We are not doing tours through our classrooms, but we are scheduling in-person meetings between families and directors.
  • COVID impact – We have seen an increase in cases, since returning from break. Our families continue to do a fantastic job screening their students before coming to campus, keeping kids home when they are sick, and communicating with us if there is illness at home.  We have taken a very logical approach to everything COVID and doing everything we can to keep kids in class.
  • Updated covid guidelines – RSSL guidelines were updated on December 13th. CDC made isolation/quarantine updates (5 days) afterwards, so we should see another round of RSSL guidance being released soon.
  • Charter renewal update – We have a virtual site visit on February 2nd. OSBA is leading the renewal process and there are quite a few steps before we begin working on the contract with Lowell. The representative from OSBA is trying to gain a comprehensive view of who MVA is and therefore, she wants to “attend” a staff meeting, talk with board members, and she may reach out to parents. She then presents to the district who MVA is, how we navigated COVID, the programs we offer, etc.
  • Formal Evaluations – In February & March we will be doing formal evaluations for our teachers. This was something that we waived last year. 

5.3 Board Comments – 

Rita: Is the middle school coast trip still on the calendar? Yes – 6th, 7th, 8th grade will be invited if current Covid conditions allow.  

Stephanie: Asked for clarification regarding the sports kids that have been exposed to Covid and how getting homework to these kids is handled.

Stacey: Thank you to the staff for the Board Appreciation recognition.


Public Session Call to Close: 7:59pm

Any documents that are public records and are provided attachments to public session items on this agenda are accessible to the public on the school’s website, with the exception of documents provided at the time of the meeting.  Documents that are public records and are provided at the time of the meeting to a majority of the Board regarding a public session item, will be made available for public inspection upon request to the Administrator’s Assistant.

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