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Board Meeting June 14, 2016 at 7:00 pm

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Mountain View Academy

45 S. Moss ◊ Lowell, Oregon 97452 ◊ (541)735-1709

Board of Director’s Meeting

June 14, 2016

MVA Modular Classroom

7:00 pm – Public Session


The Mountain View Academy School Board encourages public input.  Persons wishing to address the Board on school related issues, are invited to do so, either when the item is presented on the agenda, or under the “Public Comments” section.  In the interest of time and order, presentations from the public are limited to three (3) minutes per person, and the total time for individual agenda items shall not exceed (20) minutes.  An individual speaker’s allotted time may not be increased by a donation of time from members of the public in attendance.  If you wish to speak under Public Comments, please complete a Public Comment Form and turn it in to Erica Richardson.  The Board requests complaints or charges against an employee be held in Executive Session.  Individuals who require disability-related accommodations or modifications to participate in the Board meeting should contact the Administrator in writing prior to the meeting.


1.0 OPENING OF PUBLIC SESSION – Professional Development Center

1.1 Public Session Call to Order: 7:13 pm


1.2 Attendance: Julie Valencia, Beau Garner, Chris Curry, and Laurie Cardwell

1.2.1 Guests: none

1.3 Approval of Agenda: Add 3.7 action item to accept donation.  All other items approved.

1.4 Approval of Minutes: Amend May’s minutes to include the formal wording for the PACE Joiner agreement. Chris moved to accept the amended minutes.  Beau seconded. Motion has passed unanimously.

1.5 Schedule Next Meeting: July 26, 2016

1.6 Budget: As noticed, budget has lost $48k due to State retroactive deductions. There has also been an adjustment due to unused sick leave paid out for unused time, and summer insurance that was not taken into account. There has been a donation by a community member.




**Opportunity for Citizens to address items not on the Agenda.  Persons wishing to address the Board on any school related issue not listed elsewhere on the agenda are invited to do so now.  Board Members are limited, but not required, to give a brief response to public statement or questions regarding non-agenda items.




3.1 Amend last month’s minutes to reflect the PACE Joinder Trust Agreement wording:

 Whereas, Mountain View Academy is a member of Property and Casualty Coverage for Education (PACE), a self-insured property and liability program with Oregon School Boards Association (OSBA); 

Whereas, the OSBA Board of Directors has approved a new PACE Declaration of Trust;

Whereas, it is required for all PACE members to adopt the PACE Declaration of Trust to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with PACE and continue to receive PACE benefits;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Mountain View Academy Board of Directors adopts the PACE Declaration of Trust and Form of Joinder to Trust Agreement.

3.2 Landreth Activity Fee Reimbursement: As per the policy update on March 29, 2016 (1.6b) in the minutes, it is reflected that the first $50 per family will not be reimbursed. Chris has motioned to refund $100 of the $150 activity fee that has been paid.  Beau seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.

3.3 Approve Updated 2016-2017 School Calendar: Calendar is composed of hours students are in school, curriculum development, Friday testing, conferences, in-service, and field trips. The grant has helped with adding to those hours. Formally we had approved school ending on June 13, 2017. Upon further review, we were able to meet state standards with our hours that we can complete school now on June 8, 2017. Chris moves to approve the updated 2016-2017 calendar. Beau seconds the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

3.4 Approve Classroom Cap for the New Charter Agreement:  Laurie Cardwell and Walt Hanline will be meeting on July 7, 2016 to discuss an updated charter agreement beginning in 2017. At that time MVA would like to have the classroom cap moved to 16 for a number of reasons. Most of which has been brought up by the teachers so that the classroom has an even number distribution for projects, games, partner work, etc.  Beau motioned to approve the new charter agreement classroom cap at 16.  Chris seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Discussion: Chris has brought up a question if this can be done the beginning of 2016-2017 school year. Thus, requiring permission from the Lowell School Board to amend the current charter agreement.

Discussion also about prior advertising for cap of 15, kindergarten size growth, Oak Hill has 16 cap, adding an aide to support the extra work load for the larger ability groupings, and cafeteria size.

Chris motioned to increase our classroom cap to 16 for the 2016-17 school year, and ask Lowell School District to amend our current charter agreement accordingly.  Beau seconded.  Motion unanimously passed.

3.5 Discuss Technology Donation from Symantec: Per Maureen – a $999.00 from Jake Plahn’s volunteer hours at Symantec.  This check goes to MVA, followed by an email to Maureen with his intentions and organization outlines for his future non-profit for the benefit of rural females in the computer field.  Please see copy of check and email in the board binderDiscussion: there is concern with the paper trail of money for the startup of the mentioned non-profit.  Would like clarification from Jake in person, rather than via email based on the parameters set forth on the paper from Symantec of possible conflict.  Beau will make contact with Jake to clarify.

3.6 Discuss New Board Applications: We have received one board application, who is an involved parent of a 1st grader.

We will post a last call on Facebook for any further interested candidates.  A new board member will be recommended at the July 26th board meeting.





4.1 Marketing Report: Jessica Justman utilized the last $100 towards Facebook marketing.

4.2 Grant Report: The low limit on the credit cards has slowed the purchasing of the technology and classroom furniture.  All 9 of the Smartboards have been delivered and are scheduled to be installed the first week of July. There will be a 2 day training for the staff on how to utilize them.

4.3 Administrator’s Report:  We ended the school year with 111 students.  All returning and incoming students received a summer packet.  We are in full swing with the preparations for the fall.  All the teachers have had their observations and goal evaluations, and all their contracts are signed and turned in.



Any documents that are public records and are provided attachments to public session items on this agenda are accessible to the public on the school’s website, with the exception of documents provided at the time of the meeting.  Documents that are public records, and are provided at the time of the meeting to a majority of the Board regarding a public session item, will be made available for public inspection upon request to the Administrator’s Assistant.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm

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