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Board Meeting, December 15, 2015 at 7:00 pm

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Mountain View Academy

45 S. Moss ◊ Lowell, Oregon 97452 ◊ (541)735-1709

Board of Director’s Meeting

December 15, 2015

Professional Development Center

7:00 pm – Public Session


The Mountain View Academy School Board encourages public input.  Persons wishing to address the Board on school related issues, are invited to do so, either when the item is presented on the agenda, or under the “Public Comments” section.  In the interest of time and order, presentations from the public are limited to three (3) minutes per person, and the total time for individual agenda items shall not exceed (20) minutes.  An individual speaker’s allotted time may not be increased by a donation of time from members of the public in attendance.  If you wish to speak under Public Comments, please complete a Public Comment Form and turn it in to Erica Richardson.  The Board requests complaints or charges against an employee be held in Executive Session.  Individuals who require disability-related accommodations or modifications to participate in the Board meeting should contact the Administrator in writing prior to the meeting.


1.0 OPENING OF PUBLIC SESSION – Professional Development Center

1.1 Public Session Call to Order at 7:01pm

1.2 Attendance:Julie Valencia, Beau Garner, Jessica Justman, Chris Curry, and Laurie Cardwell

1.2.1 Guests:Dennis McCallum, Michael Glavin, Jeff Jolof, Heather Jolof, and Dusty Sprague

1.3 Approval of Agenda:Due to guest present and top discussion is 3.3; it was moved to 3.1

1.4 Approval of November Minutes: November Study Session Beau Gardner pointed out that 2.2 was not clarified as to a unanimous decision the Mt. View Academy had approved Laurie Cardwell to present to the Lowell School District in Mt. View favor to arm staff. The board looked through the minutes and verified this was not in the minutes as discussed. This was approved to be added. The Board also approved the Public Emergency Board Meeting Minutes from November 20th

1.5 Schedule Next Meeting: Mt. View Board Meeting 1/26/15 @ 7pm Lowell School District will hold Mt. View Audit Review on 1/25/15 @6pm

1.6 Budget for 2015-2016 School Year:   Summary was presented to The Board. Carry Over Balance has improved since new enrolled students after classes began have been accounted for. Transportation Budget was still high, but Jessica Justman reminded Laurie to ask accountant to see if the Field Trip bus payment was to be taken out of Activity Fee. Laurie will look into it for next month. Open Enrollment Balance is still pending the payment to Mt. View Academy. The Board is waiting to see if there is specifics as to when a target deposit date will be to Mt. View account.





**Opportunity for Citizens to address items not on the Agenda.  Persons wishing to address the Board on any school related issue not listed elsewhere on the agenda are invited to do so now.  Board Members are limited, but not required, to give a brief response to public statement or questions regarding non-agenda items.




3.1 Budget for 2016-2017 School Year: Laurie Cardwell presented future suggestions for 2016-17 School year. Projected possible student count at 130, employee lease cost, retirement and health insurance projections, possible assessment testing, and carryover estimation to increase to 13.4%. Further review will be held in January meeting.

3.2 Report on New Hire Procedures: Laurie Cardwell presented information about status on the 3rd Party Business Procedure. Updated The Board with the PERS Opt-Out plan is still in progress.

3.3 Approve Recommendations for Arming Staff: Guest Speaker 1: Jeff Jolof presented opposing views and concerns as to why Lowell, Mt. View, or any other should allow teachers and staff to carry firearms in school. He read two letters from people who were in opposition of The Board’s suggestion to arm staff. Did present suggestion as to hiring law enforcement to be present on campus and or look into other means to secure school property. Guest Speaker 2: Heather Jolof presented concerns and opposing opinion against Lowell and Mt. View changing policy for teachers and staff carrying firearms in school. Also, presented suggestion of hiring someone in law enforcement instead to be present on campus. Guest Speaker 3: Dennis McCallum presented that he was concerned Mt. View did not present to Lowell School Board with formal request of an Action for Lowell School Board to Change their Policy for Staff to be able to carry firearms. Therefore further discussion was done about what was communicated and what was transcribed in previous minutes in the Mt. View Academy Minutes in November. He stressed there should have been or should be a Formal Action of Suggestion for a Policy Review and/or Request to Change Policy by Mt. View Academy to Lowell School District. Guest Speaker 4: Michael Glavin was also in favor of the Formal Policy Suggestion. Guest Speaker 5: Dusty Sprague voiced his support of Mt. View Board wanting to address the policy change. Chris Curry motioned with statement, “Thank you for explaining that a specific request from our school board to address the question of firearms and other security measures is necessary before your board of directors can properly respond on these issues.  At this time, we are not submitting a request to modify policies of the Lowell School District.” Jessica Justman 2nd motion. The Board was unanimously approved to postpone the decision at this time.

3.4 Approve Money for Board Development: Laurie Cardwell suggest The Board allow budget to be set aside for further board education and development. The Board tabled suggestion for another time.

3.5 Marketing Report: Jessica Justman filled The Board in that the Facebook ad is running at the moment for upcoming winter break. She notified The Board that she will place an ad in the Oregon Family Magazine in January. Laurie will also help assist Jessica Justman with Register Guard Newspaper ad will be out for the February Open Enrollment.




4.1 Administrator’s Report



Any documents that are public records and are provided attachments to public session items on this agenda are accessible to the public on the school’s website, with the exception of documents provided at the time of the meeting.  Documents that are public records, and are provided at the time of the meeting to a majority of the Board regarding a public session item, will be made available for public inspection upon request to the Administrator’s Assistant.

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