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Student Hours

Posted by on Aug 22, 2014 in Blog

I’ve been working on a student hours spreadsheet to ensure we are in compliance with state requirements. The information from Jessica and Laurie’s calendars were incorporated into the spreadsheet. The state requirements are defined in OAR 581-022-1620. The spreadsheet can be found here. I had to cut the Christmas break from 3 weeks to 2 weeks and add 10 – 4:35 instructional activity sessions for the 4th – 8th graders.

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Paint request

Posted by on Aug 1, 2014 in Purchases

From Laurie:

I am writing this in email form to see if I can get a quick approval from the board to purchase additional grey and white paint for the West Wing.  We need approximately 5 gallons more of grey and one gallon of ceiling white.  We want to paint all of the interior classroom doors grey as well as the trim around the doors.  The two small rooms where the walls were removed need to have the ceilings painted white.  I think 1 gallon would be enough for this project.  The carpet is coming in this next week and we would like to get this done before it is installed.  I think the cost would be around  $150.

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