Lowell School District Policy and Requirements

I received a response from Walt about Lowell’s charter school policy.

My email to Walt and Dennis:


Thanks for meeting with us last week and giving us a tour of Lundy. One of the steps for creating a charter school is to:

Obtain a copy of the sponsoring districts policy for accepting and processing charter school proposals

I’ve checked your web site and found the following documents.

Can you confirm that these docs represent your policy for accepting and processing charter school proposals?



Here is his response:



I am assuming that you have accessed the District Web Site and found the policies you noted.  With this in mind, I would also assume that policies represent the policies of the District and will, by necessity, be the policies that have to be applied in this process.



All of his assumptions are correct, so we will go forward with the two policies listed in my email being the districts policy for accepting and processing charter school proposals. I’ve cross referenced our proposal and Lowell’s policy. There are two sections that we haven’t already satisfied in our proposal. #3 requires us to explain how our philosophy and mission differ from the district’s current program and philosophy. I looked on Lowell’s web site, but couldn’t find their philosophy and mission. I’ve emailed Walt asking him for their philosophy and mission. The other section is #27. I’m going to start working on adding the requirements listed in #27 to our proposal.

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